For the Love of WritingAbout a decade ago I started a blog. I wrote because I felt passionately about certain topics and I wanted to write about them. In a sense, I was a bad blogger. I wrote when I felt like it. I didn’t stick to a schedule. I didn’t make posts short and digestible. I wanted to be able to develop my thoughts. I broke lots of blogging “rules”. Each post published, however, I was eager to share. I was proud of my work.

Then I decided to become a “real blogger”. I stuck to a schedule and gave myself deadlines, which meant I started brainstorming possible topics and would sit down to try to create a post out of them. I blogged for myself and other organizations. Then I started blogging for money. In a way it was awesome getting paid to write. In other ways, however, I missed how blogging was for me in the beginning, when it wasn’t a job but a craft that I loved.

So I let all of it go, and here I am. This is my attempt to get back to my roots, when I wrote for the joy of it. At night, I lie in bed and arrange and rearrange words in my head that are itching to get out. I must warn you that I’m going to be a bad blogger. I won’t publish a tidy post released predictably every Monday and Thursday. I’m going to write when I have something to say. I’m going to write for the love of writing. I promise I’ll take time to refine my posts and I’ll give you the best that I have, and I’d love for you to stick around.

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